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Grazie per avere pensato a me.hidden
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Autumn portraitThank you for your visits and appreciations Have a nice Monday and a lovely new week Hugs & friendship kisses - anny
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DankeThis gift is for you as a small thank you for all of your lovely comments and ratings. I wish you a beautiful Sunday.
there is 7 days
BallerinaHave a nice weekend my dear Nahiarel
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VintageBuen fin de semana amiga. Gracias por pasarte por mi casa. Cariños cordiales.
there is 9 days
Fille brune avec des fleurspour ta gentillesse et ton amitié
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Journée  de  la  fleur  5 10 21hidden
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gift for the spanish girljust for you kisses daisy
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ღ  Bisous ღGracias por tu linda amistad nahariel Cuídate bien grandes besos del corazon
there is 16 days
Kürbisse und HaustiereThank you for all of your nice comments and ratings. I am always very happy when my pictures bring you joy. Heidi wishes you a nice week divider
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Thank You!hidden
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Magnificent photoBoa noite querida Nahiarel, você sempre gentil e carinhosa!!!🌹🌹 Agradeço sua amizade, abraços, Marcia!!! Cuide se, beijos💚💚💚
the 17 september 2021
09/03/2021Hi ,Nahariel .Thank you very much for your visit and comments on my work. Thanks. I wish you all the best. May every new day be happy and joyful.
the 17 september 2021
the 14 september 2021
SemejantesGracias a ti.
the 11 september 2021
Have a blessed dayhidden
the 10 september 2021
Thank you, my dear friend ❤❤❤hidden
the 8 september 2021
Bitte immer lächelnWith this present I want to say THANK YOU. For all of your nice comments and ratings. I am very happy that you like my pictures. Heidi wishes you a nice Sunday
the 5 september 2021
Mientras duermoEse gato y la paloma, pueden quitarte el sueño...
the 3 september 2021
Pour voushidden
the 2 september 2021
ANGEL-(23-08-21)Para mi amorosa y encantadora amiga Na con todo mi cariño y amor-Cris
the 1 september 2021
Thank you for your friendship, its warm the heart
the 30 august 2021
Dios te Bendigahidden
the 25 august 2021
good morningdaisy good morning greetings. have a nice day kisses
the 23 august 2021
Animation based on the painting Emile Vernon...
the 22 august 2021
Thank YouThank you so much for your lovely comments and rates/votes. (✿◡‿◡) 💓💛💓
the 19 august 2021
Дева  Мария  с  Младенцем
the 19 august 2021
the 13 august 2021
Thank you!hidden
the 12 august 2021
merci _ thankshidden
the 9 august 2021
Welcome AugustThank you for your visits and appreciations Have a beautiful and blessed Sunday Goodnight kisses - anny
the 8 august 2021
LADY-(01-06-21)Para vos mi querida amiga Na,con todo mi amor y cariño!!!Cris
the 7 august 2021
Merci pour touthidden
the 6 august 2021
DameVielen.. Ganz liebe Grüße und einen schönen Nachmittag... 🌞🍀
the 15 july 2021
Bee Gees 1
the 14 july 2021
Little girl with blue flowers
the 13 july 2021
Hot Summerhidden
the 12 july 2021
EvaQuerida, agradeço seu carinho e amizade!! Excelente semana, cuide se!!!
the 12 july 2021
Woman with Lilac ~ Have a beautiful dayThank you for voting, have a great day!! >:D< :x @};-
the 8 july 2021
I can almost touch my holidays dreamGracias por todas sus agradables visitas. Cuídate. :) :x
the 6 july 2021
gift to ?A Gift For You..Have a Lovely Day..Love & Hugs daisy
the 3 july 2021
♪♫♫♪ Feliz Fin de Semana ♪♫♫♪Hola amiguita .muy buen fin de semana un abrazo jigannnnteeeeeeee Besitos
the 2 july 2021
Joyful summer 💙By CattyGirl💙I wish you a beautiful summer and thank you for gifts, votes, comments and specially your amazing friendship. 🌹ᓚᘏᗢ
the 1 july 2021
Good MorningDouce journée merci amitié Domi
the 1 july 2021
DANKE  MERCI  THANK YOUThank you for your PicMix friendship, for all your comments, stars and hearts. I am very happy if you like my pictures. I wish you a nice Wednesday and good health. Sincerely, Heidi
the 30 june 2021
💗   portrait woman  💗Yours sincerely
the 29 june 2021
Amor Eternoagradeço suas notas e seus lindos comentários. Como você gostou eu he ofereço este presente; :x >:D< :x
the 28 june 2021
For you. Thank you for comments, votes, stars. Leila
the 28 june 2021