Help: Questions / answers

How to download a PicMix without the website's watermark?

To download a PicMix without the website's watermark, you must go to the "My PicMix" page which is accessible by clicking on the menu icon at the top right of the site (the 3 white bars). This feature is available to VIP members only.

How to create a PicMix?

To create your PicMixes, it's very simple! You just need to go to this page: then select a "background" on your computer. Then, you just have to decorate it at will with the stickers and other tools offered in the application.

How do I change my profile picture?

It's very simple to change your profile picture, you must go to your "My PicMix" area, accessible by clicking on the icon of the 3 white bars at the top right of the site, then select "Set as avatar" next to the chosen PicMix. Note that only PicMix published on the site can be used as a profile picture.

What's a PicMix?

A PicMix is an original creation of which you're the author! Do you find your picture a bit sad? PicMix helps you make it more fun and spicy! It's easy, choose your picture, customize it with our many stickers and ... It's a PicMix!

How do I delete my member account?

To permanently delete your member account, go to and click on the "Unsubscribe" link next to the "Send" button. Note: this operation is irreversible and your username will never be available again.

Why my creation hasn't been validated yet?

The PicMix validation process takes a while ... Don't be too impatient and if your creation respects the conditions of the site, you should see it appear soon ...

Why are my PicMix no longer animated when I display them on my computer?

The image viewer built into your operating system may not support animated GIFs. You can use other software like XnView to view your animated GIFs. This application is available free of charge at this address:

What's a sticker?

A sticker is an image that will serve to enhance / accessorize / customize your PicMix.

Why is my creation marked as adult content?

Your creation is placed marked as adult content because it contains elements that may disturb or shock the youngest audience of the site. This includes among others creations whose content is too vulgar, too scary, or too sexy. Don't worry, your PicMix is online and remains visible to all members who have disabled this adult filter.

Why can't I hear the music when I download my PicMix?

By default, a PicMix is an image in animated GIF, JPG or PNG format that cannot have an audio track, but you can still add one by creating a music video! You must go to your "My PicMix" space then click on the "Create a music video" button next to the chosen PicMix. This feature is available to VIP members only.

How to publish a PicMix on Facebook (that remains animated)?

To publish a PicMix on Facebook (and for it to be animated), you must go directly to its page. Then you must click on the "Share on Facebook" link present below each PicMix. A new window will open with the publishing options. Don't worry if the sharing preview shows text like "" instead of the PicMix itself or if the image is not animated. Once published, your PicMix will be displayed correctly in a few minutes.

What's an avatar?

An avatar is the picture that represents you on the site. In other words, it's your profile picture. You can use one of your PicMix as an avatar. Go to the list of your PicMixes then click on the "Define as avatar" button next to the PicMix concerned.

How do I change my email address?

To change the email address associated with your PicMix account, go to the "Edit my profile" menu. You can enter a new email address there. A confirmation email will be sent to you, don't forget to click on the link in the email you will receive to confirm the change.

How to block a member?

If a member annoys you, you can ban them so that they can no longer send you messages or comments. To access this functionality, go to your mailbox and click on the "List of blocked members" button ( You will then find the tool "Block a member" as well as the list of members you have already blocked.

How to send a gift to another member?

To send a gift to another member, you have to go to their profile, then click on the "Send a gift" button which is displayed below their profile picture. On the next page, you can select the PicMix you want to send him as a gift.

How can I cancel my participation in a contest?

You must go to the page of the contest concerned and click on the "Participate" button. On the page that appears, you will find a button called "Delete my participation".

How do I add a friend?

To add a member to your friends list, go to their profile. You will find, under his profile picture, an "Add to my friends list" button. If you know their username, you can also add a friend directly from your friends list page:

How to create a PicMix with a specific resolution?

The resolution of a PicMix will be the same as the background image you choose (within the limit of 500x500 pixels). If you want to create a PicMix with a very precise resolution, we provide you with a background image generator in the proportions you want:

How long are visitors' PicMixes kept?

PicMixes created by non-logged-in visitors are kept for 24 hours and then automatically deleted from our servers.

How to send a PicMix by Facebook Messenger?

When you send a PicMix link via Facebook Messenger, the preview image is not loaded automatically. In order for the PicMix to be directly visible in the conversation, you must first download it to your computer (for example on your desktop). Then, select in your Messenger conversation the file that you have just downloaded by clicking on the image-shaped import icon.