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2p Japan

こんにちは! I'm Kuro ♥
I'm a huge tomboy who loves Pokémon, Anime and Manga, Drawing, and RPG
I speak English, Spanish, and a bit of Japanese
I was known as Harmonia105 on Blingee
Hope we'll be good friends!

PicMix (20)

Good Night
Love You Still
Just the way you are
Beautiful Day
Smile for the Camera
You are Beautiful
2p Japan
Hetalia- America
Little Things
Be Happy
Hetalia- Britain
2p Axis Powers
Stay Strong!
Hetalia- Japan
Noragami- Yukine
A Wild Spirit
Japan ( Kiku )
Kuro (Harmonia105)

Stickers (124)

CatsCats SleepingSans and TorielToriel and SansUndertale-FriskPapyrus and SansAsriel DreemurrUndertale-TorielSmoking SansSans CatSans CatCrying SansSleeping SansUndertale-SansUndertale-Undyne2p + 1p

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