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Happy One Year and Six Months, Fran
Happy Birthday to Fran
Happy Two Years and One Month, Tony
Happy Birthday to Sophia
Happy Birthday to Tony
Happy One Year and Four Month Anniversary, Fran
Happy Birthday, Sheila
Happy One Year and Three Month Anniversary, Fran
Happy Birthday to Annie
Happy One Year and Two Months, Fran
In Memory of Walker
Happy Nine Months, Fran
Happy Birthday to Anders
Happy Birthday to Jade
Happy Eight Months, Fran
Happy One Year and Three Months to Me and Tony
Manga Girl
Mitsuhide Akechi
"My Sister is my Friend"
Happy Nine Month Anniversary to Me and Tony
Happy Birthday to Caly
Ashiya, Kiichi, Murasaki, and Sei
Dark Angel
Spring Creation
Swede FGO Weebs

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Kaz_Creations 05/06/2022
· the 19 march 2022
🔸Happy Saturday
🔹Thankyou For Votes/Comments
🔸Have a Good Day
🔹Love & Hugs Kaz :x
· the 22 december 2021
Happy Holidays! :x Thank you for everything!
Kaz_Creations 05/06/2022
· the 19 october 2021
💜Happy Tuesday
💙Thankyou For The Votes/Comments
💚Have a Nice Day
💛Love & Hugs
❤️Kaz :x
Kaz_Creations 05/06/2022
· the 26 september 2021
Happy Sunday
Have a Good Day
Love & Hugs Kaz
· the 24 february 2021
Hello! Thank you so much for adding! I added you back! >:D<
Happy New Year
· the 25 january 2021
>:) Cinnabun?
Happy New Year
· the 16 january 2021
>:) Cinnabun huh? Chu got nice name too :3
Nᴀɢᴀɴᴏʜᴀʀᴀ Yᴏɪᴍɪʏᴀ
· the 16 january 2021
There we go! 💀