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Happy New Year!

- My name is Anita. I'm 24 years old.
You might know me on Blingee under the username MurderDoll5.
- My birthday is on the 25th March ♈
- I'm from Romania, Bucharest.
- I love Sephodora, Vincentora, Adriadora, Hugodora, Gilodora, Tykidora, Byakudora, Riodora, Aizenodora, Minadora, Urodora, Senbonzadora, Susabiodora, Crowleyodora, Itachiodora, Kakashiodora, Mifuneodora and Raizelodora couples! <3 My creations will be based on them.

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17/05/2022 09:33

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Happy 4th year Anniversary, Tykidora!
Happy Birthday, Knockout!
Happy 4th year Anniversary, Gilodora!
Happy 3rd year Anniversary, Minadora!
Teodora x Knockout
Happy 6th year Anniversary, Vincentora!
❤️ Teodora x Knockout
Happy 3rd year Anniversary, Riodora!
♡ Teodora x Knockout
Happy 3rd year Anniversary, Byakudora!
Happy 4th year Anniversary, Hugodora!
Happy Birthday, TeodoraWitchblade!
Happy 2nd year Anniversary, Crowleyodora!
☆ Senbonzadora
💮 Adriadoora
Happy Birthday, Susabi!
👑 Raizelodora
💗 Teodora x Optimus
🌙 Sephodora
Happy 1st year Anniversary, Raizelodora!
Happy Birthday, Gilbert Nightray!
Happy Birthday, Byakuya Kuchiki!
Happy 1st year Anniversary, Mifuneodora!
♡ Itachiodora
✿ Riodora
♡ Urodora
❤️ Hugodora
Happy 2nd year Anniversary, Susabiodora!
Happy New Year!
Happy 6th year Anniversary, Sephodora!
Happy Birthday, Tyki Mikk!
Happy Birthday, Sephiroth!
Happy 2nd year anniversary, Senbonzadora!
Merry Christmas!
🎁 Gilodora

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Happy One Year and Six Months, Ashiya!
· the 13 march 2021
Hey, I added you back! >:D<
Knockout 💍
· the 12 march 2021
Hiiiiiiii!! >:D< I missed you! :x
Happy New Year!
· the 12 march 2021
:3 There you go.