Girl and Sunflowers

Girl and Sunflowers
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femme chat
· there is 13 days
:x :x :x :x
· there is 23 days
=D> félicitations ... bisous & amitié @};- >:D< :x Hélène
Concours :  En rose
· there is 24 days
Congratulations on wining the contest !
Have a Lovely Weekend
· there is 24 days
🦃⩽CONGRATULATIONS⩾🦃 on your winning entry in the contest❣ 🥂🍾
François Fressinier
· there is 26 days
Felicitaciones!! Merecido lugar en este concurso.
Mi cariño. >:D< >:D< >:D<
Autumn portrait
· there is 26 days
Toutes mes félicitations Marina
Bonne Toussaint et agréable mois de novembre
Kissous d'amitié >:D< :x :x :x @};- @};- @};-
Portrait de femme
· there is 26 days
Toutes mes félicitations
Bonne journée 🍁🍂🌿💕
· there is 26 days
Very beautiful creation, congratulations
· there is 27 days
My vote 👍
Le romantisme de l'été
· there is 27 days
Magnifique créa., mon vote >:D< :x

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